Reinsurance Lines

Engineering and Construction Reinsurance

VHV Reasürans accepts risks in a wide range of engineering reinsurance lines; from building construction to power plants & pipelines erection. VHV Reasürans is also interested in construction related liability, especially professional indemnity for architects and engineers.
Construction, erection, construction machinery including third party liability & maintenance cover are provided by the experienced team of VHV Reasürans Engineering Underwriters. VHV Reasürans differentiates itself with its legacy of almost 100 years of accumulated know-how in different types of civil engineering and erection risks such as:

  • High rise building construction
  • Tunnel construction
  • Road construction
  • Stadium construction
  • Dam construction
  • Ports & airports construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Various types of power plant erection
  • Various types of production facility erection

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