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As a German Insurance Group, VHV Group employs around 3,000 people and is carrying an A+ S&P Rating. VHV Group manages a turn-over of approximately 3 bn. USD. Besides Germany, VHV Group has a subsidiary in Austria, a JV partnership in Italy and manages Liability Insurance Operations in France. VHV Group has also decided to invest in Turkey and incorporated therefore a Reinsurance Company in Turkey, namely VHV Reasürans. After finalisation of the reinsurance licensing application within the first half of 2016, VHV Reasürans will become an accredited Turkish Reinsurance company in the local market.

VHV Reasürans is primarily focused on reinsurance business in relation with Construction, Industrial Property Insurance and power generation & Energy Risks.

VHV Reasürans is also planning to provide reinsurance services in terms of construction related liability business such as “Professional Indemnity for Architects & Engineers”. VHV Reasürans believes in the future potential of Professional Indemnity Business in Turkey and related Turkic states Market.

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